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Promote Products

Use printed ads for newspapers and mail ... then publish the same promotions online? How about ... enhancing your store with a virtual experience that would ... encourage customers to install your application? enabling customers ... to receive and respond to notifications then frequent ... your product displays longer and more often? use existing ... online media and order submission systems We're ready ... to make your shopping experience special Are you ready ... to deliver a virtual experience?

Is your content ready for tomorrow - today?

Diagram: Interactive Virtual Reality on webGL platforms

Your quality content on Android TV

Deliver video and animation driven by user choice ... for all your favorite platforms.
Firebase hosting is used to provide synchronized content playback allows people in different places to share the same experience.
Make your content searchable in the Android TV catalog. Display content as recommendations on the TV home screen.
Handtop Reality detects the platform and connection and provides the right sized content source.

Creating a Handtop Display

- products rotate thru on a time basis like a TV channel
- vs the user action driving new displays
- spatial presentation of products
- items are visually presented in 3D with meaning

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About Handtop

Original developers of SuperNote for the PalmOS
Firebase and webGL specialists
Contact us for eXtended Reality(XR) solutions based on webGL and webXR
Handtop provides realtime eXtended Reality solutions. Virtual Store building services for all devices. Original developers of SuperNote for the PalmOS. Come visit our site to learn about the latest in webGL for mobile. Firebase hosting. mobile supernote webgl handtop webgl reality babylon.js babylonjs retail store palm palmos in the palm of your hand handtop computing handtop computers handtop mobile augmented reality extended reality virtual reality mixed reality